A Celebration of Prince George Artists


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Visual artists are asked to submit their work via e-mail to:  info@groopgallery.com and submissions will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Two and three-dimensional art from local or regional established and emerging artists which fit with the modern, contemporary genre will be considered.  All images submitted must include size, medium, title, price, and any other information appropriate to the piece for the jury committee.

Upon acceptance of any work for display in the gallery, an artist/gallery agreement form will be e-mailed to the sender and must be completed and returned prior to the delivery of any artwork to the gallery at an agreed upon time.  Please note that all work must be properly presented for hanging or display for sale upon delivery, or may be subject to rejection at that time.

Themed calls for submissions may be posted on this site as they arise-so keep watching for our upcoming events and calls for submissions!

If you have any questions:  please ask:  info@groopgallery.com or phone Melanie at 250-561-1442

The Groop Gallery and Community Arts Council Present: The Best Damn Little Art Auction EVER! 2014


Open call for 6”x6” submissions in any medium.

See attached for more details.




May 2013 marks the third Anniversary of the Groop Gallery in Prince George!!

This May, we are shaking things up a bit and will be offering an added twist to our spring show.

A group of poets and literary artists will be attending the opening night and will create prose in response to some of the exhibited works, and then a ‘closing’ night will be created in order to deliver the literary presentations.

The show will be appropriately titled:


‘The graphic, often dramatic description of a visual work of art’

There is no particular ‘theme’ to this call for submissions, other than to encourage all artists to submit works that ‘beg for interpretation’ in order to inspire our guest poets and writers

Please submit quality images via e-mail to: info@groopgallery.com. Complete with title, size, medium, and price, framed or unframed.
Deadline for Submissions: April 15th (the sooner, the better) There is no limit to the number of works you my submit, however a $10.00 fee is payable only for those accepted for exhibition.

*Please ensure that all works are properly wired and ready to hang, upon delivery
Any questions may be direct to Melanie@anythingmetal.com or by calling 250-561-1442


The Groop Gallery & Community Arts Council presents:
The Best Damn Little Art Auction EVER!

Open call for 6X6 inch submissions in any medium

Calling all students artists, emerging artists and professionals alike!
We want YOU!

• Non juried show ~ everyone welcome! Three submission maximum per artist
• A 50% commission on final sale price will be retained by the Arts Council and Groop Gallery
• Please email your submission interest to lredpath@studio2880.com
• Art intake April 12 & 13th at Studio 2880 930-5pm
• All unsold art will be returned to artist for pick up by artist
• Please ensure that all work is prepared properly for hanging upon delivery
• All art work must be signed with contact information on the BACK only
• 6X6 canvas and 6X6 panel can be purchased at Speedy Printers ~ Artist discount available

Opening Reception Friday, April 19th 7pm
Groop Gallery ~ Groop Down Under

New call for submissions for Fall 2012!


This winter’s Groop Exhibition theme will be ‘HOME’. Being the ‘Northern breed’ that we are, we spend so much time indoors over the long cold
winter months, that I felt this theme to be rather fitting.The word ‘HOME’ may conjure up a different vision for each of us . It
may invoke a sense of family, love, warmth, security, comfort, or may simply just signify a roof over our head. Alternately, some may sense
confinement, stress, or difficult memories.

Whatever is your impulse to express, let’s see it on canvas, paper, panel, sculpture, etc. etc
HOME is where your heart is…..where is your Heart?

Please submit quality images of artwork to: info@groopgallery.com complete with title, size, medium, and price. As well, please include a brief statement linking your piece to the theme. (Statements may or may not be exhibited with your work)Deadline for submissions: November 15th (Opening night to be announced at a later date)There is no limit to the number of works you wish to submit, however a $10.00 submission fee is payable only for those pieces accepted for exhibition. Any questions may be directed to: melanie@anythingmetal.com or by calling 250-561-1442 (office) HAPPY CREATING!

New call for submissions for Spring 2012!


New call for submissions for November 2011!

“Something Old; Something New

New call for submissions for May 2011!

“Into the Light”

New call for sumbissions for April!

For the Annual Environmental Art Show

Submission Guidlines

New call for sumbissions for November!

For the theme of “ICE”

Now that summer is but a warm memory, we must now embrace the ‘cool change’ in the air.
Please consider a 2 or 3-dimensional submission that will engage viewers in your artistic vision of this simple word, and how it may relate to our person, our, place, or our planet.
Deadline for submissions: November 25, 2010
Opening Reception: December 10
*all work must be submitted via e-mail only. Artists will be contacted after the deadline. Please submit good quality images, with title, size, medium and price.
*In the event of a sale, the artist will receive 60% of the sale price submitted.


New call for submissions for September!


All local and regional artists are urged to put their creative heads and hands together to submit original artwork surrounding this theme. Rusted images, objects and/or found items are the key. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional works encouraged!

All submissions will be juried based on artistic merit, however marketability must be considered.
If chosen, delivery and pick-up of the work will be the artist’s responsibility. As well, all work must be properly prepared for hanging, or display.


Please submit images of your work, with title, size, medium, and price to: info@groopgallery.com

September 10th will be the opening night. Watch for further details.